The LP Series Power Kit is for powering up to 30 MINIMIS LP Series luminaires (LIMPET LP, QUARK LP, MUON LP, SPECK LP, FLECK LP, LEPTON LP, IRIS LP, THUMBTACK LP, QUANTUM LP, DOT LP). Not compatible or interoperable with MP Series luminaires.

The SELV Class II (Max. 5-amp) IP67 UL-listed power supply in our power kit is UL 60950-1 compliant, featuring SELV-conformal circuitry and protections, and is suitable for operation in any mains environment from 110V to 277V, 50-60Hz.

Not to be used with a dimmer. Use of a dimmer with the LP Series luminaires or LP Series Power Kit will invalidate your warranty. Read the installation instructions before connecting to mains power. SELV transformers feature a SELV circuit is a "secondary circuit which is so designed and protected that under normal and single fault conditions, its voltages do not exceed a safe value." A "secondary circuit" has no direct connection to the primary power (AC mains) and derives its power via a transformer, converter or equivalent isolation device.

SELV output is achieved through electrical isolation with double or reinforced insulation between the primary and secondary side of the transformers. Moreover, to meet SELV specifications, the voltage between any two accessible parts/conductors or between a single accessible part/conductor and earth must not exceed a safe value, which is defined as 42.4 VAC peak or 60VDC for no longer than 200 ms during normal operation. Under a single fault condition, these limits are allowed to go higher to 71VAC peak or 120VDC for no longer than 20 ms.


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