World's smallest recessed light, suitable for decorative and accent lighting. With fixture dimensions of an American nickel (~0.75" diameter (21mm diameter)), QUARK LP is tiny and unobtrusive, and can be placed virtually anywhere, into virtually any material, including drywall, wood, brick, steel, stone, concrete, glass, tile, and more.  Patent Pending.

Available in Turtle-Friendly AMBER.

Despite its minuscule form-factor, QUARK LP is powerful enough to accent a single-storey wall, yet so small as to virtually disappear into your deck, floor, wall, or soffit. Perfect as an alternative to the giant step-lights that illuminate pathways and stairwells. Ideal for disappearing into mosaic tile floors and walls in kitchens and bathrooms. Also ideal as recessed soffit lighting. Fixture housing consists of hand-milled titanium, enabling us to reduce the bezel (escutcheon) to less than four sheets of paper in thickness. QUARK LP is suitable for any environment up to and including IP67, from desert, to arctic, to high rainfall zones, to pool-side, luxury marine, and seaside environments, but is equally at home in interior hallways, stairwells, and more. Featuring a minuscule 8mm x 8mm square aperture and precision-milled sharp-cutoff metallic cup reflector for optimum throw distance and stark, bleed-free lighting effect, QUARK LP is a tiny-aperture pin-prick of light that virtually disappears, once turned off, unlike standard-sized recessed luminaires.

What's the difference between QUARK LP and MUON LP?

First of all, there are many similarities between QUARK LP and MUON LP.   They have the same fixture dimensions at 0.75" x 0.75" (19mm x 19mm).  They both feature precision, hand-milled titanium housings.  They are both IP67 outdoor-rated.  They both feature seamless interoperability with all LP-Series luminaires.  Here are the differences:

   1) features a sharp cutoff 30º bleed-free beam angle.
   2) features a precision-milled metallic cup reflector.  
   3) is NOT suitable for up-light orientation in wet locations, due to cup reflector.

   1) features an ultra-wide 136º beam angle.
   2) with a flat-fronted PMMA lens that is optically superior to glass.
   3) is suitable for up-light orientation in wet locations.

QUARK LP has been engineered to be fool-proof to specify, easy to install, and offer rock-solid performance.  Instead of employing confusing LED drivers, which require confusing and unstable serial wiring schemes, QUARK LP has been designed to work - flicker-free - on standard, readily-available 12 volt DC (constant voltage) power, in a parallel wiring scheme, for any mains environment, from 120V up to 277V.   Consult your LEED professional on how QUARK LP can increase your LEED rating.

Ships worldwide. 
The titanium faceplate of QUARK LP will appear a medium grey, with satin finish.

Compatible with all LP-Series luminaire installations

IP67. 80mA @ 12vDC (constant voltage) 1.05 watt. 19 lumens. 5-year warranty.

Color temperatures:
    2700° Kelvin≈ +/-50ºK, CRI >95
    3000° Kelvin≈ +/-50ºK, CRI >95
    Filterless Amber LED (585-595nm)

Additional color temperatures available, subject to modest price and lead-time increase:

    5000º Kelvin
    BLACK-LIGHT (UV365nm) Contact us for other color options or details.

Light effect can vary, depending upon color of surface, distance from surface, and ambient lighting. 

IP Rating: IP 67. The MINIMIS patent-pending design features a fully-integrated LED+lens module that is resistant to full water immersion and temperatures beyond 0ºF (-17ºC), however, our LP-series luminaires are not approved for IP 68 (installation in ponds, fountains, pools, or any body of water - occupied or unoccupied).